Mead Kits

Sorry everyone the store is closed until further notice. If you’d like to purchase a kit send us an email and we’ll send you a coupon for our re-opening, or check out our how to make mead with no special equiptment video.

What Do Leif Eriksson, Beowulf, and Zeus Have in Common?

When Vikings wanted to celebrate do you think they went to the store and bought a six-pack? When Beowulf returned from an epic adventure, did he sit down and sip on a glass of rose? When the Greek Gods defeated the Titans and claimed supreme domain over the universe, do you think they popped open a bottle of Champagne? NO!!! They all drank, nay, they QUAFFED, the nectar of the gods, ambrosia, MEAD!!!!

What sets us apart?

At Kilted Mead Kits we don’t want to just sell you a kit, we want to instill a love and appreciation of mead in every customer. All of our recipes have been painstakingly curated from the very best of the best mead recipes available, and every ingredient in each kit is hand selected for the finest quality and greatest flavors. We absolutely guarantee that you won’t find a higher quality kit anywhere else.

With our mead kits, you can choose from 4 styles ranging from apple pie to ancient and drink like these legendary characters. The kits require less than 30 minutes of work and can be ready in as little as 1 month.

Choose Your Mead Kit

Orange Spiced Mead Kit

Spiced Orange Mead Kit – $49.95
Our personal favorite and best-selling mead kit. This Spiced orange mead is perfect for any occasion, from a cold winter’s night to a cool summers evening. Soft honey base notes are balanced by a sweet citrusy pop and finished with a warm gentle spice. This mead will get you hooked.

Traditional Mead Kit

Traditional Mead Kit – $49.95
If you want to try mead in its simplest and most traditional form this is the kit for you. This is also our fastest aging kit and is ready to drink in just one month. This mead kit results in a very soft smooth flavor, that really lets our hand selected orange blossom honey shine through and be the star of the show.

Apple Pie Mead Kit

Apple Pie Mead Kit – $49.95
Enjoy a taste of the holidays, with the deep rich flavors of this dessert mead. This mead kit comes with apple pie spices to infuse with your cyser. With just the right level of sweetness, this mead is perfect for sipping after dinner, or with family on the holidays by a warm crackling fire.

Apple Cyser Mead Kit

Apple Cyser Mead Kit – $49.95
Like cider? You’ll love this apple cyser kit. Cyser can be used interchangeably to mean a cider made with honey or a mead made with apples. Start this recipe in the spring to have the perfect base for a warm mulled mead in the fall, or start in the fall with fresh pressed apple cider, for a bright and delicious spring cyser.